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Top 5 action games on iOS

These action games will make sure you get the best of your devices even when you get a little time off your busy schedules.

With faster devices and high resolution displays, gaming has emerged as one of the major features of mobile phones. On iOS, mobile games are one of the most downloaded category across all countries on iTunes store as far as applications go.
top five action games
Forget puzzles, mobile games today range right from action games to strategy games. All that users could play on their computers today is available for the mobile devices, only better because users have the option of being completely mobile while enjoying games on the go. So today we have got you yet another edition of our top 5 games, this time we have top 5 action games for iOS.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen nation

The Modern Combat 3 is a war based first person shooter (FPS) game where you take charge as Corporal James Walker who has been thrown into a war between the USA and a coalition force consisting of North Korea, Pakistan and Russia.
top five action games
The game’s graphics and the story line have been exclusively developed for mobile devices and it comes with 13 different missions across the globe. If you think that’s not enough then don’t worry – the game allows users to play with online players as well.
top five action games
Its online game play has six maps, six game modes and support for up to 12 players. Users can also customise their weapons and share the proceedings on the global leader board to get some head to head competition with other players across the globe besides the regular enemy killing action. The game, however, is a paid version but every penny you send in it will be justified completely with the quality and action this game offers for iOS users.

Brothers in Arms 2

Brothers in Arms 2 is a war based game where your role is of the solider on his way to becoming a war hero. Set in the World War 2 scenario, the game puts users in the middle of the battle field where they have to strategise and outsmart the enemy to be victorious.
top five action games
The storyline is simple yet intriguing. Users not only fight on foot, but get to play on different vehicles, which have their own limitations. Users can shoot with rifles, flamethrowers, or can also make use of the heavy machine guns found in various bunkers.
top five action games
Players can choose to play solo in the story mode or can kill enemies with friends over the internet as well. Also included is the Bluetooth game play option, so you can team up with your friends against the enemy. With the game, users get to experience every front of the war with 50 missions to unlock across five locations: the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily. To unlock missions, users need to earn dog tags, which in the context of the game are experience medals.

The game has now been updated for best performance on retina display so both iPhone 4S and iPad 3 users can enjoy HD gaming with this. Also the game is available free of cost with in app purchases to improve it.

Infinity Blade II

The original Infinity Blade has achieved immense success since its launch in December 9 last year. Within four days on its launch, the game managed to gather sales of more than 1.6 million US dollars becoming the fastest grossing application in the history of iOS.
top five action games
Infinity Blade is very popular owing to its superior graphics and a unique story line that has been the highlight of the game since the beginning. The Game infinity Blade 2 tries to continue the same with additional improvements and a refreshed game play. The game utilises the Unreal 3 engine for 3D graphics and is designed for superior performance on the newer A5 processor featuring devices.
top five action games
The storyline for the game has not been changed in the new Infinity Blade 2 but has been improved for a much better game play experience altogether. There are three totally new combat modes and different classes of weapons shields and spells to choose from have been added to the game.

It’s a paid game but the one that justifies its price very well and anyone would agree to it.

Fruit Ninja

Simple yet intriguing game play is the USP of this game where the only requirement by the player is to slice the fruits thrown at them in the most unique way. The better the way and the more number of fruits a user cuts with a single strike, the more points he will get. Players can also get special power ups by slicing bonus fruits thrown at them.
top five action games
One can also share his score with fellow Fruit Ninja players across the globe through Open Feint integration in this game.
top five action games
Fruit Ninja features three game play modes including Classic, Zen and the new Arcade, featuring power ups including Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score power ups at regular intervals. The Dojo section is the bonus section in the game that has unlockable blades and backgrounds which unlocks after some achievements. Fruit Ninja is available for a one time purchase amounting up to Rs 60 approximately.

Line Runner

This game is based on a stick figure who has to jump over and roll under obstacles in a variety of combinations and that sums up the game play in Line Runner. But as easy as it might sound the game throws some real challenges at the players. The combination of jumps and rolls that you have to make get really challenging with each passing stage and there are ten stages in total. The controls provided for in this game are in the form of two buttons placed on the sides: the one on the left is used for rolling while the key on the left is for jumping over obstacles.
top five action games
It takes time getting used to the game and you will find yourself being killed, when obstacles hit you in the face or legs, often. The stages or tracks in the game are enough for hours of fun and excitement. At any point of time in this game, you will not find yourself easing on the controls; the difficulty just keeps increasing.
top five action games
If in the rarest of chances you finish all ten tracks then you have the random tracks that throws obstacles at you in combinations that are not in the ten tracks, making it extremely fun as well as difficult to get through without getting killed.

The game is available absolutely free for a limited time tough, so make the best of this offer.

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