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Top 10 affordable tech products to gift on Christmas

This Christmas, gift your loved ones a tech product from the list below to spread happiness!

Christmas is right around the corner and this holiday season, you can make your loved ones happy with a product that makes their life easier and at the same time, is easy on your pocket. But what products make one’s life easier? You guessed it right, tech products! These can come in various shapes and sizes and not only can they be cheap, but can also be the ideal product your loved one may have been looking for since a while. So here we are, with a curated list of top 10 tech products which we think can be perfect to gift your loved ones, this Christmas.

Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo dot christmas gift

A smart speaker can be a really useful for those who have a smart home and even for those who want a step in that direction. The smart speaker can not only be the control hub for all your smart devices, but can also be the ultimate source of your entertainment. So what better than gifting your loved ones a smart speaker powered by Alexa or Google Assistant.

Available for Rs 3,999 in India and $59.99, the Echo Dot 4th Gen is simple to set up and use. It is in an all-round package that can tell you news every morning or play your favourite music just with a single command. Or, if you prefer Google Assistant, the Nest Mini is available for Rs 2,999 on Flipkart or $24.99 on BestBuy which is an amazing deal for what you get.

TWS Earbuds, Headphones

Sennheiser CX Sport TWS

If your friends or family are music lovers than what could be more better than gifting them an audio product. TWS earbuds and wireless headphones are in fashion these days and can be your companion at your home, during commute, while working out or while going to sleep. In India, you can look for options from BoAt, Noise, and a bunch of other brands with prices going as low as just Rs 699. Outside India, you can get products from JBL pr Soundcore by Anker that can cost as low as $24.99.


Do you, your friends or your family like to pamper your tech products? Then why not protect them and give it a cool look at the same time. You can gift a phone case or even opt for a skin if they are not a phone case person. You can look for skins from dbrand and while it even ships in India, it can get a little expensive with longer wait times. In India, you have gadgetshieldz, easyskinz, and some more options to choose from.


Boult drift smartwatch

Smartwatches have gotten really cheap with time and today, there’s a smartwatch for almost everyone. With a smartwatch, you can easily take calls on your wrist, or check your notifications without needing to take out your phone every time from your pocket, hence making your life a little easier. A bunch of smartwatches are available from Amazfit outside and within India. You get a load of other options in India from other brands as well, such as Realme, BoAt, Crossbeats and more.

Power Banks

Ambrane stylo max power bank

If you know one of your friends or family members who always have their phone with low battery, then a power bank is a perfect gift for them, this Christmas. OnePlus, Anker are some of the brands that offer power banks in India and outside India for as low as $99 or Rs 799.

Smart Plugs, Lights

Smart Plugs are actually one of the smartest products to exist. With Smart plugs, you can schedule appliances to turn off automatically at set times or set times when they can automatically. This can also help save electricity as an added advantage. There are other smart products as well which can serve as a Christmas gift, such as smart bulbs/lights that look cool and add to the appeal of ones home. These can be bought for as low as $19.99 outside India and Rs 899 within India.

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Smart Camera

Smart Camera can be amazing gifts for anyone who wants more security around or even within their house. Nest cameras from Google outside India and cameras from Xiaomi, Realme, TP-Link, within India are some of the best examples of such type of products. They can give you live feed from the camera right to your phone and even alert you when their is slightest of movement within the room.

Trimmers & Shavers

Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer 1C launched in India

If there’s someone among your group of friends or family members who regularly shave their beard and are really disciplined when it comes to grooming themselves, trimmers and shavers are one of the best gifts to give them. Products in this category from Philips are available worldwide.

Multi-purpose Wireless Chargers

If you know someone in your circle who is deeply rooted into the Apple or Samsung ecosystem, them a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 wireless charger is one of the most suitable gifts to give them. You can save them from plugging each of their device into a separate charger and gift them a wireless one where they can just put it on the charger within seconds. Multi-purpose chargers are available from Belkin, Morphie, Satechi, and other brands outside US for as low as $23.99. In India, you can get one for Rs 3,490 or even lower.

Writing Pads

If there’s someone you know who has kids, writing pads can be really useful for them as it keep their kids engaged in activities such as drawing or writing. It can also help them learn new things and can also help the adults take notes for important stuff in day-to-day life. These are available for as low as Rs 299 in India and $13.99 outside India.

So this was our list of top 10 tech gift product categories from which you can choose your set of gifts to give to your loved ones this Christmas. Tech is influencing everyones lives in some way or the other, so why not use it to spread happiness, this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

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