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Yahoo News App Gets AI Features, Leverages Artifact Deal

Yahoo News app has received a significant new update with AI features along with the release of a new homepage experience.

Yahoo News is being revamped from ground up with new AI-powered features from Artifact. Yahoo acquired Artifact a couple of months back and is making the most out of the deal by incorporating the company’s AI-powered personalisation technology within its own News app. Here’s what has changed and has been introduced in the new AI-powered Yahoo News app.

”Launching today, the Yahoo News will give people a more personalized experience to stay informed on what matters most to them. More intuitive than ever, the experience is tailored for each user to help them make sense of the daily news and cut through the clutter,” said the company in a blog post.

New features include a customizable feed, key AI-generated takeaways of articles and top stories, tools for easy sharing, as well as the ability to mark headlines as clickbait. Yahoo News offers both original reporting and aggregated content from over a thousand premium publishers, giving readers free access to the latest news, covering everything from breaking, national and local news, to entertainment, lifestyle and more, claims the company.

As for the Artifact deal, Yahoo acquired the AI-driven news aggregation and discovery platform in April 2024 for an undisclosed amount. “The AI-powered personalisation technology and other features has been integral in the development of this differentiated mobile app that gives people opportunities to catch-up-quick or dive deeper, all while seeing more of what matters and is useful to them, all in one place,” says Yahoo.

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Yahoo News: New Features

New Yahoo news app

The new Yahoo News app gets an AI-Powered Personalized Feed where users can select topics and publishers that are of priority, and once they do, the technology will tailor their feed to their unique interests. This may be done by selecting specific publications or specific categories like Entertainment, Tech, Health, Politics, Movies, Travel or Art and Design, to name a few.

The app also spotlights Top Stories, a guide to the day’s trending news topics from across the world. The AI-powered takeaways will be featured on each of the trending topics, giving readers the option to catch up more quickly on trending news of the moment. The latter feature will be rolled out in a couple of weeks.

Users can get important elements of a story in an instant, thanks to AI generated key points which are automatically displayed at the top of nearly every individual article within the app.

Next up, users can also block keywords or publishers of their choice or flag headlines as clickbait which will then be automatically rewritten. In addition, readers will have the ability to share excerpts from articles directly from the app through an easy one-touch sharing option. To add a fun element, the app supports badges and streaks where readers will be able to reach different reading streaks, and unlock badges, which they can share with friends.

The new Yahoo News app is now available for download on and Android,

Yahoo will also be rolling out a new homepage experience featuring a more dynamic layout that highlights top news, personalized recommendations and real-time trending topics, offering users useful ways to see what’s being read, searched and shared across the web. Users will have the chance to opt in, as the new homepage will continue to evolve further over time.

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