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WP7, Android users can expect more apps in future

According to a survey, developers seem more interested in Windows Phone 7 and Android platforms.

More developers want to make applications for the Windows Phone 7 and platforms over the iOS, according to a survey conducted by Vision Mobile. This indicates that the users of the first two platforms can expect more apps in future compared to the later.
Interest for Windows Phone 7 seems to be huge and is only marginally second to the Android platform despite the fact that its current market share has reduced marginally.

The survey looks at Windows Phone 7 with two viewing angles, present and future. In the present, the platform is not viewed favourably, but for the future it is being watched out.

The interest in Windows Phone 7 can be attributed to the easier developer tools of Microsoft. Besides, PC and Xbox developers are also getting interested in developing mobile games for the platform as they see it as an important revenue stream.

On the other hand, Android’s instant publishing policy allows developers to publish quickly, whereas Apple makes them go through difficult approval processes before their apps are accepted.

With the arrival of iCloud, the dominance of Apple is likely to increase since Macs are now connected with the other Apple devices whereas other platforms are not.

The study further added, “The most surprising finding is the adoption of mobile web, i.e. the platform for apps written in HTML or JavaScript, which claimed the third spot in terms of developer mindshare, being used by over 55 per cent of the developers. This is probably due to the influx of non-mobile developers to the industry. Also, mobile web is fast becoming the de-facto cross-platform choice for developers, especially now that Java and Flash are waning.”

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