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Wine mobile apps which help you become an expert

Even those who don't know all about wines can make a good choice with the help of iPhone and Android wine apps.

Wine amateurs can become pros with the help of a smartphone app. Let’s face it; it’s just not possible to know everything about everything. People especially like to fake their knowledge of wine to impress guests so a wine on their phone could be useful. Wine Enthusiast is just such an app from a lifestyle magazine with the same name. The only drawback of Wine Enthusiast is that it doesn’t allow users to enter their own reviews or write notes.

Before shopping for wine, users can search by price range, vintage etc. There can be about 500 search results so it’s best to put in as many specifications as possible. While Wine Enthusiast is probably for browsing at leisure, another wine app called Cor.kz is useful when one is at a wine store. There is a bar code scanner in the app, which helps users find the tasting notes and reviews for wines. The database of these apps are said to be extensive enough for users to get the reviews they want.

However, life is unfairly tilted towards iPhone users right now. There are more and better wine apps for iPhone users than there are for devices. Those who want to rate their own favourites would like the Wine Snob app that allows users to track the wines they love and rate them. It also suggests helpful tips such as which food should be paired with which wine. The app comes with an elegant interface and navigation is also clean, while the search service is robust.

Drync Wine is another app with a smooth interface and solid search experience. Users can easily keep track of wines they have tasted; those they have and those they’d like to get. The app has a notes feature that makes it possible for to jot things down. Those looking for recommendations will especially like the latest version of Drync Wine as it has a section called Top Wines where featured wines are displayed.

Android users could further access apps like Wine PhD, Wine Cellar, My Wine Tales or Wine Cellar Lite. It is also possible to go to RedLaser or Google Goggles and search by scanning the wine label. Of course, the results will not be that good, but you would still be steered towards a better wine.

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