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Windows Phones can now come without camera too

An update in the Windows Phone minimum hardware requirement deems camera as an option, this move will help in bringing cheaper Windows phones in future.

After every system upgrade or version change, Microsoft sends out a list of minimum requirements as far as hardware is concerned. This minimum hardware requirement governs the bare minimum specifications that a device must have in order to be a compatible device.

With the latest updation in the hardware specifications for Windows Phone based devices, Microsoft has laid out a simple guidelines for the Standard hardware requirement for the upcoming Microsoft Windows phone based device that have put the camera as an optional accessory for the device manufacturers.

According to the latest hardware requirement laid out by Microsoft, both the main rear camera and the front facing camera are optional hardware for any Windows Phone device and vendors may choose to include or not to include the same in the device.

Along with that Gyroscope sensor used for better orientation sensing by the device and the Magnetometer or Compass sensor have also been placed in the optional hardware category.

Also Microsoft clearly said that the devices will have a hardware search button as primary interface key and that will only be linked to Microsoft’s Bing search and every time the user will hit the search key only Bing search will be invoked without any exceptions.

With these changes, the future of device now stands uncertain. But one thing is for sure that Windows want its devices to be performance and feature savvy but along with that so many restrictions and exclusions might lead to a totally different device than expected.

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