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Windows 8 tablet version demo possible next week

Microsoft has made statements in the past which suggest it is working on ARM SOC (system-on-a-chip) compatible Windows 8, but it has not commented over reports of possible demo next week.

Microsoft may demonstrate its Windows 8 tablet user interface in June, according to a report.

The details of the new are expected to be announced by the company in near future.

The tablet UI is likely to use ideas from the now famous Metro user interface of Windows Phone 7. The touchscreen interface will likely to be shown on hardware with NVIDIA Tegra chip based on ARM’s technology. Microsoft had earlier also made it clear the Windows 8 would support all the architectures &#151 Intel, AMD and ARM.

Microsoft has, however, remained tight lipped about these reports. Even otherwise, the company has made statements in the past which suggested it was working on the Windows 8 tablet version which would be compatible with ARM based system on a chip. Even if the tablet version of Windows 8 is demoed next week, it is not expected to be ready for the market for about a year.

So why would Microsoft show off a product which is not ready to come to the market?
Probably, Microsoft wants to show the users that it is not too far behind developing a tablet, which has created a sort of revolution in the personal computing space.

In the mobile space, Microsoft has a lot of lost ground to cover as it is lagging behind other smartphone operating system developers.

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