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Why is VPN important while staying in a hotel?

As traveling gets back to full force, hackers have started using public hotel Wi-Fi connections to hack the network and steal guests' private information.

Hackers have been long known to infect public Wi-Fi connections so they can steal data. Public Wi-Fi connections still remain the most vulnerable to attacks. With travelling on the rise again, experts warn about the risks public Wi-Fi in hotels may pose. As 50% of people choose to travel domestically, this puts the data of a lot of travellers in danger. Can VPN be of any help?

“As noticed by the FBI, hackers often use hotel Wi-Fi to attack guests during their stay. ”

– Daniel Markuson, Privacy Expert, Nord VPN

How can hotel Wi-Fi be hacked?

Hackers can connect to hotel Wi-Fi as easily as guests do. They can snoop on users’ online activity and steal their passwords and personal information. One can remotely install malware on a user’s computer. They can hack into the hotel’s database and download the guests’ credit card information as well.

A hacker can also pose themselves as a Wi-Fi hotspot. These Wi-Fi hotspots are unprotected and the network of this kind usually has an unsuspicious name such as “Guest Wi-Fi” or “Free Hotel Wi-Fi”. When a victim connects to such a hotspot, all their personal information is sent to the hacker. A VPN can prevent the hacker from stealing your information through the Hotel Wi-Fi, which we have mentioned below.

How can one stay protected?

  • Enable your firewall

While a firewall is not that necessary over a secure connection, it is always a good idea to enable it while using public Wi-Fi. It will provide substantial security to keep you from getting hacked

  • Don’t make any purchases or reservations using hotel Wi-Fi.

Guests like to make reservations for attractions in the town or city they are visiting using hotel Wi-Fi. This is quite convenient but also makes our sensitive information vulnerable. The best way to keep your credentials (passwords, credit card details, etc.) safe is to input them only on a secure network.

  • Connect to secured Wi-Fi.

Once you reach the hotel, you can get the exact name and password of the hotel’s Wi-Fi. This way, you can ensure that you are connecting to an authentic network and not an infected one.

  • Use a VPN

A VPN is one of the most effective ways to ensure any user’s security over an open Wi-Fi connection. It encrypts users’ data and doesn’t allow third parties to intercept it. So, if you are staying in a hotel for your holiday trip, make sure you have a VPN installed on your device. You can check our guide regarding how to choose the most suitable VPN service for yourself. One of the most trusted and secure VPN you can use is Nord VPN.

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