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Why iPad 4 is better than iPad 3

Apple quietly replaced the New iPad (third generation) with a new fourth generation iPad tablet and thereby leaving consumers clueless on what has changed

Apple has launched the new fourth generation iPad tablet with Retina display and Lightning Connector. Little did the owners of the New iPad (informally which is called as the iPad 3) know that Apple will replace their brand new tablet with yet another powerful iPad tablet.

The difference is significant in terms of processing power and connectivity but the price remains the same. As of now, there is no clarity on whether Apple will continue offering both tablets. However, the official website lists the iPad with retina display, which colloquially now called as iPad 4, as the only model after the iPad 2.
Why iPad 4 is better than iPad 3
The new fourth generation iPad arrives with the same 9.7-inch Retina display supporting 2048×1536 pixel resolution natively as the New iPad. It will come pre-loaded with the iOS 6.0 software update by default and will be priced the same as the phased out the third generation iPad tablet.

Here are the three key differences between the fourth generation iPad tablet and the third generation iPad tablet.

Processing Horsepower

Apple had introduced the New iPad in mid-March this year and was technically the third generation iPad. After six months of introduction, Apple quietly introduced the fourth generation iPad with a new Apple A6X System-on-Chip mobile processor and had a quad-core graphics chip.
Why iPad 4 is better than iPad 3
Apple claimed that it provides twice the CPU and graphics performance of the Apple A5X Chip. That means the new Apple A6X is quite different than the Apple A5X chip. Currently no exact details of the Apple A6X chip are available. Apple used the same place holder Chip number for the A5X and A6X chip at the iPad announcements so do not waste your time with those numbers.

The new dual-core Apple A6X is clocked at 1.3 GHz while the Apple A5X was clocked at 1 GHz. Both have dual-core CPUs and quad-core graphics. In terms of software and hardware performance, we believe that the new fourth generation iPad will be miles ahead of the phased out third generation iPad.

FaceTime HD

The third generation iPad came with 0.3 megapixel image sensor in the front. New fourth generation iPad arrives with a 1.3 megapixel camera in the front for higher quality FaceTime video call performance. Also, the images clicked with the front facing camera would be of higher quality.
Why iPad 4 is better than iPad 3
This is a massive bump for the users who rely on FaceTime majorly. The fourth generation iPad will hereby be able to make the best of the internal hardware.


As against the 30-pin connector in the third generation iPad, the fourth generation iPad has a smaller 8-pin connector called Lightning connector which has a small low powered processor inside it. That means it also requires authentication for using only the licensed Lightening cables and docks on accessories.
Why iPad 4 is better than iPad 3
Though it is based on the USB 2.0 fundamentals, it is not faster than it. Only pitfall is that the Lightning connector does not offer video output support. So users will have to buy Lightning Adapter to 30-pin adapter for connecting the iPad with a display. However, Apple has promised to release Lightning-To-HDMI and Lightning-To-VGA cables as well. Most painful part of the new connector is that all accessories and adapters will be quite expensive.

Rest everything remains the same between the third and fourth generation iPads. Only if we managed to get our hands out both devices at the same time, we would be able to spot the difference in the performance based on real-world usage.

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