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What is Cloud Storage? Things you should know

Cloud Storage is a convenient way to store your files online securely. Take a deeper look into cloud storage services below.

Cloud Storage as a solution for data storage needs has been present for quite some time but with the latest announcement of Google where it wants to the consumers to pay for using its clouds post the free limit, consumers will want to check options.

Defining the Cloud storage, the basic concept here is to store your data on a remote data server that is managed by a third party but is not accessible physically by the user itself. The server in which you store your data is itself typically stored in a spaceship-sized warehouse. This doesn’t mean that the third party can access your data but we’ll get to that in a bit.

This server can be accessed only by online means, meaning when you are connected to the internet, only then you can send or retrieve files to and from that server.

Now that you know the basic concept, it will be much easier to understand the further information.

The data you store on the cloud is encrypted meaning that no one can have access to that data, not even the cloud provider itself. It cannot be accessed unless a hacker steals your credentials for logging into the Cloud but that’s a whole different story.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  1. Storing data on a cloud server means that you can access it anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t have to carry any physical drives or be at risk of those getting damaged and then you lose your data. With Cloud storage, you can carry Terrabytes of data which is accessible anywhere.

  2. With cloud storage, you can share files that are huge in size, with just a link. With this link, the person you are sending it to can access the file after you give him/her the access.

  3. With cloud storage, you don’t have to worry regarding running out of space. Cloud storage providers often give various options for storages and if you are full on storage, you can conveniently upgrade to a better plan with more storage.

  4. Data recovery is another benefit where you can enable auto-backup for your data and then you can restore it easily if you ever lose it from your PC or any other physical storage device.

Drawbacks of Cloud Storage

  1. Data theft. While cloud storage servers are heavily encrypted and secure, there always remains a slight possibility that one might be able to hack into your cloud data. For instance, if your PC or your Mobile Phone becomes a victim of data leak, your cloud storage will also be compromised and there’s a risk of data theft or perhaps, completely losing it.

  2. While it is accessible everywhere, you always need an internet connection to access it. Once you reach an area where there’s no internet connection and you need a file urgently, you are stuck.

  3. With offline storage devices, you can easily copy and paste your data from one device to another. But with cloud storage, you will have to first download all your data and then upload it to another cloud storage service if you want to migrate and this is a big headache.

Your Options for Cloud Services

Cloud Service

Storage Options

Prices (in INR)

Google Drive (Google One)

15 GB


100 GB

139/pm or 1399 per year

200 GB

210 / pm or 2100 per year

2 TB

650/pm or 6500 per year


3250 per month

20 TB

6500 per month

30 TB

9750 per month


15 GB / 50 GB (achievement program)


400 GB


2 TB


8 TB


16 TB


Microsoft OneDrive



100 GB

140 per month


420 /pm 4199


530/pm 5299




2 TB

895/pm or 8952/yr,

3 TB

1492/pm or 14,858/yr











Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most secure cloud storage services out there. It offers 15GB of free storage capacity with every google account and you can have more storage by subscribing to the Google One subscription which the company offers.

Google One plans in India start at Rs 139 per month or Rs 1,399 per year for 100GB, Rs 210/month or Rs 2,100/year for 200GB of storage, Rs 650/month or Rs 6,500/year for 2TB of storage, Rs 3,250/month for 10TB, Rs 6,500 for 20TB and Rs 9,750/month for 30TB.

Google recently also decided to stop offering free unlimited storage for some of its services starting in June 2021. So it might be a good time to explore paid plans by the company and choose the one that suits you the best.

OneDrive by Microsoft

OneDrive by Microsoft is another storage service and has similar features like Google Drive. With the paid subscription, you not only get more storage capacity but also a premium subscription to Microsoft 365 suite of apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. So if it is Microsoft’s Work apps that you use the most, OneDrive might be the most beneficial for you.

OneDrive plans start with 5GB of free storage for every account and then 100GB of storage for Rs 140 per month, 1TB of storage for Rs 420 per month or Rs 4,199 per year and 6TB of storage for Rs 530 per month or Rs 5,299 per year.

Out of these 4 plans, you get a premium suite of Microsoft 365 apps only with 2 plans which are the 1TB storage plan and the 6TB storage plan.

We would like to point out that with the 6TB plan, a single individual will only get 1TB and not the whole of 6TB. It is a family plan with support for upto 6 members and 1TB will be allotted to each member. For example, if you share the subscription with 4 members of the family, you get 4TB out of which 1TB is allotted to each member. You can add maximum of 6 members in the family plan.


Mega is another service with fast servers and secure encryption. It is also one of the only services that offer the most amount of storage under the free plan.

But to get the whole of 50GB for free, you will have to participate in Mega’s achievement program which includes completing actions like installing the MegaSync app, inviting a friend to use Mega and installing their mobile application. Otherwise, you will get only 15GB of storage for free with the basic account that you will create if you don’t complete the above-mentioned tasks.

Mega Plans start with 400GB of storage for Rs 438 per month, 2TB for Rs 878 per month, 8TB for Rs 1,758 per month and 16TB for Rs 2,637 per month.


Dropbox is another famous cloud provider but with slightly higher prices when compared to the alternative. Though it is secure and fast just like the competition. You get only 5GB of free capacity with the account and have to pay for the rest of the plans.

Dropbox storage plans start at Rs 895 per month or Rs 8,952 per year for 2TB of storage and Rs 1,492 per month or Rs 14,858 per year for 3TB of storage.


iCloud is the storage service by Apple. It can be used by anyone and not only Apple users but is most beneficial for those of you who use Apple products including Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. While the plans mentioned above are individual plans that include just storage, Apple recently also introduced a new subscription called Apple One.

With Apple One, you get 50GB of iCloud Storage along with Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and some other upcoming services too, for just Rs 195/per month. With the family plan for Rs 395/per month, you get everything similar to the individual plan except for 200GB of iCloud storage instead of 50GB.

One can get free 5GB of storage when the user creates an iCloud account. Apple iCloud individual storage plans start at Rs 75 per month for 50GB of storage, Rs 219 per month for 200GB of storage and Rs 749 per month for 2TB of storage.

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