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Using HTC’s sense

Four cool and useful features that exist in HTC's Sense user phones which most of the users might not be aware of.

Many people think HTC is only into smartphones, but when it was founded in 1997, the Taiwanese company manufactured notebooks though it soon realised it was too early in the game.

HTC has been an innovative smartphone brand. Its Sense user interface is a great example of this innovation. The software runs on almost all platforms including Windows Mobile and Android. Sense has a long list of smartphone-specific features, but there are a few standard features that most HTC users might not know. So here we have our list of top five features from HTC sense that most of the HTC user do not know of.

Integrated caller

How many times has it happened that you call a person and after your conversation you remember that it is their birthday? Well, Integrated caller displays information about people in your phonebook that appears against their name when you call them or receive a call from them. Integrated caller provides information such as a contact’s birthday; profile status updates etc.

Polite ringer

Nothing can be more embarrassing than if your phone rings loudly in the middle of a meeting. You ultimately feel like breaking your phone to make it quiet but your efforts go all in vain. Not with the HTC’s Sense, though, has a Polite ringer that goes silent when the phone is turned over.

One post to all

Isn’t it a little difficult when you have to post a single message to many different places and networking websites? HTC has created a One post to all feature in HTC Sense that allows the user to post a message or status update from the to all configured social networks. The feature can also be turned off so that posts only appear on specified websites.

Auto time and climate update

People who travel a lot usually need to manually set the time zone on their phone in order for it to show the right time. HTC Sense, though, automatically detects the change in time zone and tells the right time accordingly.

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