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USA developing ‘panic button’ for cellphones

The new application let users wipe out their phone's address book and send emergency alerts to others.

With pro-democracy campaigns engulfing many parts of the world, triggering rampant crackdowns by security forces in the respective countries, a news application is being developed that will let people wipe out the address book on their phones and send emergency alerts to others.

The ‘panic button’ is being developed by the government of USA.

According to reports, the special application can be activated if the smartphone is confiscated by security authorities.

“If the Secret Police starts firing tear gas grenades and breaking down your door, you can run the panic app, and your cellphone will send out a message to your networking letting them know that you’re in a bit of a pickle. It will then wipe out all your personal data to keep your friends safe, and lock itself out with a screen displaying a picture of Uncle Sam giving the finger,” a report read.

Cell phones have played a crucial role in the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.

The USA wants to equip activists with new tools to fight their repressive governments and is targeting countries from the Middle East to China, according to the Daily Mail.

Only a few cellphones can send an emergency SOS message to others now and this feature is limited as well. SOS signals from such phones can only be sent to a few chosen persons.

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