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Trailmakers v1.7 Spacebound update coming later this month: What to expect?

Trailmakers, the creative vehicle-building sandbox game, is getting ready to launch its biggest update yet. The v1.7 Spacebound update of Trailmakers, which is planned for October 31, 2023, will take players to the final frontier: outer space.

The developers of Trailmakers, Flashbulb Games, said that space has been their “holy grail” for a long time, and that they had to come up with some creative solutions to make space as fun and playful as the rest of the game. They also said that they are working in collaboration with the community to get feedback and suggestions for the update.

The features of the Trailmakers v1.7 Spacebound update includes:

  • Four explorable moons with their own atmospheres, biomes and gravity. A real challenge to your building skills as you’ll need all sorts of flying and ground vehicles to discover every secret.
  • Space station, a starting point to learn how to use all the new parts and become a true space expert.
  • Asteroid belts and zones, both static and in movement to challenge your piloting skills, perfect for all kinds of multiplayer challenges.
  • One of the moons populated by space pirates, aggressive NPCs to fight with.

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Trailmakers is a game that lets players build their own vehicles from scratch, using a variety of parts and components. Players can then test their creations in different environments and challenges, or share them with other players online. The game is currently available on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

In many ways, Trailmakers is a collaborative game. You can play with your friends in multiplayer, sharing your builds or destroying each other to bits, but if you prefer playing alone you can be part of the community. Trailmakers has a built-in Gallery where players can upload their creations and download ones built by others.

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