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Tip for using mobile phone’s camera in low light

There are different precautions that users can take especially while shooting in low light so that they get a better picture and not just a haze of lights.

With the rise of smartphones and camera based mobile phones, photography has taken a new direction all together. Today mobile phones come armed with better sensors and lenses. However, even after these improvements, most cellphone cameras suffer from bad low light photography.
But there are different precautions that users can take especially while shooting in low light so that they get a better picture and not just a haze of lights.

Be still while taking a photo

One of the key things you should remember while doing low light photography is that you have to be really still while taking a picture. The reason behind it is that to accommodate the reduction in the light, a camera reduces the shutter speed and therefore the image sensor is exposed to the light for a longer duration to capture an image and while the image is being captured if the users moves in between then the images get blurred and the detail gets lost.

Move closer to the object

Due to the low light, the camera compensates the detail of the picture being captured so you will never get a highly detailed picture form a distance. So if you want to get some detail in the picture, you have to move closer to the object being captured, closer till you are able to see the details in the preview image. Because a mobile camera captures what users see on the screen.

Shoot against a light source

Whenever you are clicking a picture in the light or in low light, make sure to keep a light source right behind your back. This way the light source will provide ample illumination to the image.

Avoid bright lights in your picture

Another common mistake that people make while capturing pictures in low light is that they tend to include brighter lights in the picture just to make them look good. But what actually happens is that the digital camera is programmed to adjust its settings according to the brightest light seen in the frame and thus details such as the subjects facial features or the whole subject sometimes gets lost in transition.

So whenever possible try to set your picture frame and especially during Diwali time avoid crackers if you plan to capture images during the night.

Do not use digital Zoom

One thing that almost all experienced photographers suggests a person to do is to completely give up the Digital Zoom as it makes the images loose detail and does nothing good in the low light photography.

In digital zoom, the phone zooms in on the pixels of the image in order to make it look bigger. And in low light condition, where details are already hard to be clicked, choosing digital zoom would make things further complicated.

Use night mode

Most phone cameras can automatically choose between day and night shooting modes and make changes in settings accordingly, but if your phone does not gives a better picture try changing the picture capture mode to night mode. The night mode for a camera is optimized for low light shooting so using it gives better results than any other mode.

Try before you shoot

There are many camera phones that suggest to the people whether the picture will be good or bad but before you click a picture try out different angles and places to capture that image as a particular angle sometimes turn out to be the best.

Shoot in bulk

Always click as many shots for a particular shot as possible since there is a great chance that when you will click picture in low light something will go wrong so taking a couple of pictures extra will not really hurt, especially when nowadays we have no limitations and no film reels to buy.

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