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TESLAR watches: Everything you need to know

TESLAR watches are not your not typical analogue watches and pack some serious claims regarding their functionality. Read on to find out more.

Watches have been guiding and showing mankind the passage of time for centuries now. They have evolved from over the course of hundreds of years and have become more precise and reliable. Today, watches do more than just tell time. Smartwatches are a staple on everybody’s wrist today because of their multifaceted functionality. TESLAR, a subsidiary of TIMEX has a different approach to the multi-functionality of a watch.

TESLAR watches use their TESLAR technology to protect us from electromagnetic pollution. It uses a Turbo Chip that sends a 7 to 9 hertz frequency into and around the body via the arm’s triple warmer meridian, the body’s key energy conduit.“The triple warmer meridian is one of the body’s primary energy conduits and it starts at the 4th finger (from the thumb) and travels up the arm, through the shoulder, behind the ear and finally to the corner of the eye. It is the energy conduit has been known to activate the immune system. The meridian enables the TESLAR technology’s signal to be carried throughout the body. This process bolsters the body’s naturally occurring electromagnetic field -the bio field-working much like a protective shield” says the website. The TESLAR technology works by utilizing the measurable electric field in the watch’s battery combined with the magnetic field of the coil in order to create a zero-point waveform with a scalar pulse of 7 to 9 times per second (7-9Hz). This frequency range mimics Earth’s natural frequency which may reduce the negative effects of stress.

In more lucid terms, the watch uses its turbo chip to send a scalar pulse into your body that works with earth’s natural frequency to reduce the effects of by forming bio field that acts as a shield.According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 30% of the population in industrial economies, approximately 300 million people, suffer from hypersensitivity due to electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are emitted from almost all electronic devices such as phones, computers, power lines and even radio frequencies like WIFI and 5G.

The main goal of the watch is to fight the effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), where our bodies are disrupted by electromagnetic fields. But there is a catch. EHS has no clear medical diagnostics criteria hence cannot be linked to EMF exposure with any scientific basis.Further, EHS is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem.

The watch even though it’s claims are a little black and white, is still a very good looking watch. They have 3 main division: RE-BALANCE T-1, RE-BALANCE T-2, RE-BALANCE T-3 with further divisions for style and gender.

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