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Smartphones can make you dumb: Survey

91% of Americans surveyed view devices as a tool for remembering and internet as an extension of their brain.

Excessive use of smartphones and internet can lead you to forget things which other wise called as digital amnesia, according to a study of software security group Kaspersky Lab.

“Basically, the majority of smartphone users can be called “unmindful” – at least, as compared to their ancestors, who had no mobile phones at all,” Kaspersky said in a press release.
Smartphones can make you dumb
During the study more than half of the surveyed adult Europeans could not recall their children’s or their office phone numbers without looking into their mobile phones. Around a third were not able to remember their partner’s number.

Curiously, 91% of Americans surveyed view devices “as a tool for remembering” and internet “as an extension of their brain”. Similarly, 79.5% of the Europeans surveyed, admit using the Internet as a universal reference book, revealed the study.

Picture credit: blog.kaspersky.com

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