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Sex education apps on Android

With these applications you can keep track of your sexual health and find out about sex in general. There are many such applications though we just picked five.

Sex is an important part of our lives but is somehow shrouded in secrecy, which leads to misconceptions and myths.

Most of us are not even comfortable asking our doctors questions about sex. Therefore the mobile, being private, is a good medium to get some information on this sensitive topic.

Here are some applications that will help you acquire knowledge about sex and maintain sexual health.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but aims to provide you with an insight on what you could get on your phone. You could also find these applications or similar apps on Symbian, BlackBerry and platforms.

Safer Sex

Published by HIT, this fully illustrated and easy to follow is meant for persons above 14 years of age, and is most suitable for those aged 16 and above.

Young people are liable to have unsafe sex, which could result in sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies. ‘Safer Sex – The Whole Story’ provides reliable information in a relevant format to help young people have safer sex. The app costs about Rs 42.26

HIT was established in 1985 to reduce drug-related harm, and it set up one of the world’s first HIV prevention projects for people who use drugs. It is among the leading agencies in the world dealing with education, information and training about legal and illegal drugs.

My Period Tracker

This application is meant for women who want to track their menstrual cycle, fertility or ovulation. Also, they can record their moods, symptoms, medication taken or any other period-related information on a menstrual period calendar. The app allows you to record the full history of your menstrual cycle. Notes on pills, sex or any other information can be attached to each day of the menstrual calendar for later reference. The app predicts menstruation period and probable ovulation days. It also calculates the average period length for every quarter.

My Period Tracker is free and protected so that your private information remains private. There are several other applications for this purpose, of which some are free. However, paid apps have more information than free ones do.

Safe Sex Tips

Sex can be pleasurable and exciting, but unfortunately it can also lead to serious health consequences such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), some of which can be fatal. Sexual activity can also result in unwanted pregnancy.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to reduce the risk of these consequences through safe sex practices. This app is full of such tips for a healthy and risk free sexual life. The application costs approximately Rs 50.

Sexual Health

This free application is a sort of dictionary of sexual terms. It answers questions like: Do you know what you should concentrate on while having a baby? What are the causes of uterine cancer? and, How does pelvic pain occur?

You can find all these answers in the Sexual Health application. It also contains other useful information about health.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the authenticity or correctness of information provided in these apps; and strongly advise minors to seek guidance from responsible adults such as parents and teachers.

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