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Samsung Offers Free Display for Green Line Issue on Flagship Phones

Samsung India has now begun offering a free display replacement program for users who are affected by the green line issue on their flagships.

The green line has plagued and AMOLED screens on smartphones for some time now. While companies have responded with their respective fixes, Samsung India is now also taking care of the affected customers by providing a free one-time display replacement without any additional cost. Here’s how you can book your free repair with Samsung. But first, know what the green line issue is in smartphones.

What Is The Green Line Issue With AMOLED Smartphone Displays?

The Green Line Issue with AMOLED smartphone displays is a hardware problem that manifests as a thin, vertical green line running from the top to the bottom of the screen. This defect is particularly noticeable and can be pretty annoying, although the rest of the display functions normally. It’s been reported across various smartphone brands and models, especially those with AMOLED screens.

The issue’s exact cause is unclear, but it is thought to stem from a faulty display connector or flex cable, linking the display to the phone’s main circuit board. Damage, looseness, or defects in these parts can result in display malfunctions. Other possible causes include accidental damage such as piercing the display, dropping the phone, applying sustained pressure, or water damage.

One of the other major causes behind the appearance of this line is also certain software updates that trigger it randomly. This cause has come to light recently, and is one of the most concerning ones considering a software update that’s meant to improve your experience, could randomly become the trigger for a hardware defect.

How To Fix The Green Line Issue?

Unfortunately, the green line issue cannot be resolved through software fixes and typically requires a hardware repair. This often involves replacing the entire display assembly and, depending on the phone model, possibly the motherboard as well. Users experiencing this issue are advised to contact customer support for their device to initiate a repair, which may or may not be covered under warranty, depending on the manufacturer and the specific circumstances. If the issue is widespread, brands generally begin offering the screen replacement for free, like in Samsung’s case.

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How Has It Affected Samsung Users?

The green line issue has been affecting some Samsung flagship smartphones of late, including even the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra. According to another Reddit user, the problem manifested six days after using the Galaxy S24 Ultra. In this instance, both a green line and a white line appeared horizontally, in addition to the vertical green line.

Aside from this, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and the S21 series have also been affected by the green line issue. Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 FE models are the ones that most frequently found to be affected. Most of these users faced the issue as soon as they updated to the April 2024 security patch.

How To Get Your Smartphone Display Repaired For Free By Samsung?

To cater to the affected population, Samsung India began offering a one-time free screen replacement to Galaxy Note 20 series and S20 series users in July last year. Now, the free display replacement program for those who have a green line has also been expanded to cover Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 Ultra models, as spotted by Tarun Vats on X. Samsung still won’t be able to offer a solution if you are a user who owns Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S21 FE and are affected by the green line issue.

However, you’ll have to be quick, as Samsung is running this program only till April 30, 2024, that gives you a week to get your smartphone fixed. If you are affected by the issue, you can book your repair with the brand until April 30 and you’ll also get a free replacement of OCTA assembly, battery and a Rework Kit.

If you want to be eligible for the free display repair program, your device has to be in its 3-year phase since purchase and there has to be no physical or liquid damage to the device. It is worth noting that you can avail the service even if your device is out of warranty.

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