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RockMelt browser’s iPhone version arrives

The mobile RockMelt supports all the popular social networking activities such as geo tagging, wall postings and retweeting.

RockMelt, a social networking browser, has launched its iPhone version which synchronises the desktop with the mobile one, including the Facebook and Twitter management tools. The bookmarking option has been reworked by the RockMelt mobile team and is renamed as ‘Read Later’.

All the usual social networking activities, such as retweeting and wall postings, geotagging, opening links quickly, and adding photos, can be easily done through the RockMelt mobile browser. However the iPhone version would not feature private and tabbed browsing options, which are available in its desktop versions.

The synchronisation with the mobile device happens automatically, a feature which is different from other browsers where users have to request such features.

The application, which is likely to arrive within a week, hasn’t been approved by the Apple yet.

Other operating system versions of RockMelt, including Android, are likely to arrive soon.
The mobile version of RockMelt is more likely to be liked by those users who find it difficult to navigate their way through a browser.

When the RockMelt startup was launched, it came with an attempt to refresh the web browsing experience. Both the mobile and desktop versions of the browser allow users to follow certain Twitter and Facebook posts, and even the links can be followed without typing in the web address, though the option to type web addresses is there.

Probably RockMelt believes mobile users do not have much time to type in the web address to visit websites and that they just follow some websites and blogs within a short interval of time.

In a nutshell, the RockMelt attempt is ambitious and it wants to be the mobile homescreen for the users.

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