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Planning to buy a Smart TV? Here are 5 things you should know

Though the capabilities of a Smart TV depends on the brand model that you buy, but few basic features are common to most Smart TVs.

Televisions, what we used to refer to as an idiot box is no longer an idiot. It has become smart, way smarter than what we would have thought. We can connect it to the Internet, ask it to record your favorite TV shows or games, put it in auto sleep mode and even ask it to adjust its brightness as per the ambient light. While all these features have given a there are still people who don’t know what a smart TV really means, and what all it can do for them.
Planning to buy a Smart TV
We explain these Smart TV basics for them in the article below.

What is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is nothing but a connected TV which can connect to the Internet and helps you do a lot more than just browsing the idiot box. You can surf the Web, play games, access few pre-installed apps, and even stream digital content from Netflix, ErosNow etc.

What all a smart TV can do for you?

Though the capabilities of a Smart TV depends on the brand model that you buy, but few basic features that every Smart TV offers include: Web surfing, access to streaming media services, entertainment apps, on-demand video-rental services, Internet music stations and Web browsers, and pre-installed games.

How does a Smart TV enable all these features?

Just like you have an OS running on your PC, laptop and smartphones, Smart TVs also run on an OS and usually have a powerful process underneath. How else do you think a machine will be able to comprehend your commands that too at blazingly fast speed. TVs retailing in India are usually powered by Android, WebOS or Samsung’s Tizen.

Do Smart TVs offer the best picture & sound quality?

There is no direct correlation between TVs smartness and picture and sound quality. It entirely depends on the kind of image processing engine and audio speakers that hid beneath the beautiful exterior of your Smart TV. The picture quality sure would be good if your TV is powered by a Bravia and Bose speakers.

Can you bid adieu to cable or dish if you have a smart TV?

You can if your Smart TV comes with a built-in set top box. Samsung has Smart Direct TV and Videocon also has few such options. But if your Smart TV doesn’t have built-in set top box then you would need cable and dish to watch your live TV feeds. You can´t afford to miss a live cricket match, right?

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