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Oppo Unveils Updated Oppo Communication Lab in collaboration with Ericsson

Oppo has upgraded its ‘Oppo Communication Lab’ in partnership with Ericsson. Oppo is able to fully realize the entire 5G research and development process.

Oppo today unveiled the Oppo Communication Lab – which has recently been upgraded in partnership with Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to services providers.

Through the newly-upgrade Communication Lab, Oppo is now able to fully realize the entire research and development process, from the underlying RF front-end, to software protocol updates and regional tuning and testing. The advanced communication lab will ensure that Oppo smartphones will be among the first to implement many of the latest 5G technologies. At the same time, the lab also allows Oppo to play a more important role in driving the evolution of global communication technologies.

Oppo Communication Lab

The newly upgraded Oppo Communication Lab contains three major modules: Radio Lab, Protocol Lab and Network Simulation Lab.

The Network Simulation Lab is a collaboration between Oppo and Ericsson while the Protocol Lab is a jointly established by Oppo and leading testing technology provider Keysight.

Three lab modules to cover end-to-end 5G research

Oppo Communication Lab consists of three modules: the Network Simulation Lab, the Radio Frequency Lab, and the Protocol Lab. The Network Simulation Lab, which closely reflects actual urban communication networks, can simulate the 4G/5G networks of different operators and provide communication services for up to 10,000 devices. As such, pre-testing requirements for 5G commercialization in any areas of the world can be tested in the lab.

In addition to the Network Simulation Lab, the Oppo Communication Lab also includes a Radio Frequency Lab and a Protocol Lab. Nowadays, smartphones are used for a multitude of tasks in an equally varied range of scenarios – from joining video meetings while taking a high-speed train, to watching live streams in crowded shopping malls, or taking photos and uploading them to social media anywhere in the world. Behind each of these scenarios are extensive tests conducted by researchers in the lab to ensure that devices can achieve stable connections under these varied environments.

The Protocol Lab on the other hand supports technicians in conducting research related to power consumption, regression testing, and joint new feature testing, helping to drive innovation from different approaches. For example, the lab is currently conducting research related to the upcoming first evolution of the 5G standard, Release 16, which is more environmentally friendly thanks to improved communication efficiency between smartphones and networks, which reduces the power consumption of smartphones and base stations.

Leading through innovation towards the era of Internet of Experience

With its strengths in scientific research and the support of its global industry partners, Oppo has achieved many milestones in 5G worldwide. As early as 2018, Oppo successfully demoed the world’s first 5G using 3D structured light technology; in 2019, the Oppo Reno 5G edition became the first commercially available 5G compatible smartphone in Europe; and in 2021, Oppo, Vodafone, Qualcomm and Ericsson achieved the commercialization of Europe’s first 5G standalone (SA) network, accelerating the further improvement of 5G.

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