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Oppo introduces 3 new concept products at its OPPO INNO Day event

Oppo has introduced 3 new concept products at its OPPO INNO Day Event including AR Glasses, a phone with a rollable display and an AR app.

Oppo finally held its Oppo Inno Day Event and showcased 3 new concept products, including the OPPO X 2021 rollable concept handset, OPPO AR Glass 2021 and OPPO CybeReal AR application.

Oppo X 2021 Concept Phone

Oppo X 2021

OppoX 2021

The OPPO X 2021 concept phone, adopts dual-motor reel structure, adopts non-polar OLED flexible reel screen, 6.7 inches, 1175×2592, 7.4 inches when unfolded, 1785×2592, 425ppi. The concept handset features OPPO’s three proprietary technologies, including the Roll Motor powertrain, 2-in-1 Plate, and self-developed Warp Track high-strength screen laminate.

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Oppo AR Glass 2021

The Oppo AR Glass 2021 adopts a split design. The glasses can be connected to the phone with a USB data cable and use the phone’s computing power.

Oppo AR Glass

The weight of the whole glasses is reduced by 75%, the CPU performance is increased by 40%, and the GPU performance is improved by 40%, wearing comfort and stability have also been greatly improved. Moreover, any operation of the AR glasses by the user can be operated on the mobile phone.

Oppo AR Glass1

They can not only support a number of natural interactions, including interactions via smartphone, gesture-based interactions, and spatial localization, but also complete the three-dimensional spatial localization calculation within milliseconds, achieving precise localization and offering users real and natural experience of spatial interaction in the AR world through constant update and feedback of real-time position of the user within the space.

CybeReal AR App

CybeReal App

The CybeReal AR application powered by real-time, spatial calculation technology enables high-precision localization and scene recognition, and is supported by OPPO’s three core technologies, including accurately reconstructing the world to the centimeters, real-time high-precision localization, and OPPO Cloud, enriching user’s perception and understanding of the real world.

CybeReal integrates data from multiple sensors including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other information to make preliminary judgments. Cameras and SLAM algorithms further spatial positioning and artificial intelligence is introduced to allow mobile phones equipped with CybeReal to understand the world in front of them.

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