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One Piece Series: Why Luffy Might be The Most Troublesome Pirate?

Although fans appreciate his carefree nature, he may be the most problematic pirate among the worst generation.


Why Luffy might be the most troublesome pirate?Imbalanced World Power

  • Attack on World Government
  • Attacking a Celestial Dragon
  • Unique Devil Fruit Powers

Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of the Japanese comic series One Piece, has gained a significant and loyal fanbase because of his unwavering determination and remarkable skills as a pirate. Despite his young age, Luffy has demonstrated impressive skills such as Conqueror’s Haki and remains steadfast in his pursuit of becoming the Pirate King. His journey is nothing less than remarkable.Although fans appreciate his carefree nature, he may be the most problematic pirate among the worst generation. His behavior has disrupted the balance of power and challenged the authority of the World Government, making him a concerning figure in the world.

Imbalanced World Power

In a stunning turn of events, Luffy and his allies Trafalgar D. Law and Eustass Captain Kid managed to defeat two of the most powerful Emperors of the Sea, Kaido and Big Mom. The consequences of these defeats have had far-reaching implications for the World Government, as the islands previously under the control of these Emperors now face increased pirate attacks.Now the Navy is forced to intervene, stretching its resources thin. In response, the World Government has no choice but to raise Luffy’s bounty, marking him as a significant threat.

Direct Attack on World Government

Luffy has never been one to shy away from challenging authority. Prior to the time skip, he boldly ordered Sogeking Usopp to burn down the World Government flag, openly defying their control. This aggression was further exemplified during the Marineford Arc, where Luffy engaged the Navy in a desperate bid to save his brother Ace.These courageous actions have not only solidified Luffy’s reputation as a wanted pirate but have also endeared him to the masses, inspiring others to question the authority of the World Government.

Luffy Attacked a Celestial Dragon

During the Sabaody Archipelago arc, Luffy’s friend, Hachi, was shot by Charlos, a celestial dragon. Luffy’s reaction was swift and impactful, as he fearlessly confronted Charlos and delivered a powerful punch to his face.The celestial dragons are the descendants of the World Nobles who founded the World Government, and Luffy’s brazen act of striking one of them directly challenges their supremacy.

Luffy’s Devil Fruit

Luffy’s journey to becoming the King of Pirates began with his consumption of the Gomu Gomu no Mi devil fruit, which bestowed upon him the ability to stretch and contort his body like rubber.While this devil fruit is already extraordinary, recent revelations surrounding Luffy’s Nikaa form and the awakening of his devil fruit have fans and theorists to speculate that he may be the embodiment of Joyboy.Joyboy, known for his knowledge of the World Government’s dark secrets and the creation of One Piece, would undoubtedly pose a significant threat to the World Nobles, who may harbour a desire to keep him suppressed.With each deliberate or accidental action, Monkey D. Luffy has attracted the unwavering attention of the World Government. His victories against powerful foes, open defiance of authority, and direct challenges to the celestial dragons have made him a troublesome pirate in their eyes.

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