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Ola brings extra protection to Auto in India

The company is also offering mandatory fumigation for all autos every 48 hours.

Ola is adding extra protection layer between the passenger and the driver. The practice is likely being done to encourage people to start feeling comfortable boarding autos in the country. The cab and auto aggregator faces an uphill task to get its business back to normal levels since people now prefer staying indoors owing to the pandemic. But with offices opening up, autos tend to become a reliable source of commute.

And keeping people’s safety in mind, the company has asked its auto operators to retrofit their three-wheelers with partition layer. With autos open from all sides, chances of infection are higher, and Ola believes steps like these could help people feel safer, and encourage them to ply autos once again. The company says new additions to Ola Autos will not be charged to the customers.

Partition layers sound like a sensible idea but we’re not sure if it’ll deliver 100 percent results. And more than visible changes like these, what is more important is that Autos get adequate supply of sanitiser, gloves and mask. Making sure both the commuter and driver are keeping themselves safe. Ola says all the autos are fumigated after every 48 hours, but it’s up to the driver to maintain the hygiene of the vehicle, which will automatically instill confidence in the mind of the customer.

We’re previously talked about this change with cabs.In fact, there are companies now looking to improvise with the use of materials for this shield, making sure you have options other than fibreglass to go with. Companies like Driver Bubble have designed a Flex model, which is not only claimed to be affordable but effective as well. This is basically a PVC plastic screen, that will be placed around the back portion of the front seats, putting a division between the driver and the passenger.

Expect more transportation modes to adopt partition layers, making sure people don’t feel unsafe with the all around us.

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