Official Vimeo app for iOS devices

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : August 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Earlier users had to open their browser and type web addresses to access videos. The new Vimeo app solves that problem.
Vimeo, the well known YouTube competitor, recently launched its official iOS app. Vimeo's videos are encoded in HTML5, the standard supported by Apple.

Viewers earlier had to open the Safari browser and type web addresses to watch their favourite videos. With the launch of this app the situation has changed. Now users just have to open the app to browse videos of their choice.

Not just that, people can create a film using the video editing tools in the app. They can edit video using the iMovie app too, but that costs money. Vimeo app, on the other hand, is free. With the Vimeo iOS app users can browse, download, or even upload videos. The social sharing facility is also present right within the Vimeo app.

At a time when other providers are also coming up with similar apps for tablets and smartphones, video viewing activity on the mobile web is increasing substantially. The tough part, however, is that video apps on the web are not searchable.

An Android Vimeo app is also expected to arrive soon.

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