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Now Apple iPhone 7 explodes and sets a car on fire in Australia

This is probably the second case of iPhone 7 getting exploded.

The No 7 seems to be a very unlucky number for the smartphone industry. First it was Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which had to be discontinued by the South Korean company after a series of explosions due to a manufacturing flaw. Now it seems to be the turn of Apple iPhone 7. An Australian man has now complained that his latest iPhone 7 caught fire inside his car and damaged his car in the process.
Apple iPhone 7
The man, identified as Matt Jones, is said to be a surfing instructor in Australia. Allegedly, he left his iPhone 7 under a heap of clothes inside his parked car near a beach where he went for surfing. On returning, he saw his car filled with smoke, as claimed by reports from 7 News.
Apple iPhone 7
“Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it,” said Jones to 7 News.
Apple iPhone 7
He also claimed that he has not dropped the phone or used any third party chargers for any purpose. Though the cause hasn’t been determined but according to Jones and the latest reports, Apple has been already informed about the issue and the company is in constant touch with Jones in order to investigate the issue. For the time being, Jones has lost both his iPhone 7 and his car which was damaged during the incident.

Probably, the iPhone 7 got heated as it was under a heap of clothes. Also the iPhone 7’s aluminium body could be another reason for this incident as metal phones tend to heat up pretty quickly.

This is probably the second case of iPhone 7 being exploded and hopefully it would be last such case.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to not leave your smartphones in the car especially if the car is parked under the sun. Further, don’t charge you smartphone near your pillow as smartphones tend to accumulate heat if kept charging under the pillow.

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