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Mobile gaming set to be more exciting

Game publishers in general collect data of the users of their mobile games, which can help them upgrade the fun quotient of the game.

Do you find some mobile games too easy and boring as you can beat your opponents fast; or do you find the game too difficult to finish &#151 in either case the you are likely to ditch the game and lesser is the chance that you will revert to it.

But, now mobile gaming companies have found a way-out to kill these ‘too easy’ or ‘too difficult’ aspects of the games. And, this will be possible thanks to predictive analytics.

Through predictive analytics, the mobile game publishers can analyse the activity of gamers, if during the game users go online, and create a profile for them.

It will not only help these companies to generate more revenue through targeted advertising but they can also help increase the fun quotient of the games.

For example, through these analysis, game publishers can know when you died during the game. So, they can send you the right or an upgraded weapon next time you play the game. It will definitely help you win the game and on the other hand the companies can generate revenue by selling upgraded games/weapons.

Also, if the publishers of a particular game found that the tools are too powerful and thus making it very easy for the user to win the game, then they can just decrease the powers of the tool thereby increasing the fun quotient.

For example, in a tank battle game, if the tank has caused more than 90 per cent of deaths, the data miners will understand that the weapon has more power than needed and they will reduce its power.

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