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Milagrow’s floor cleaning robot AguaBot 5.0 launched at Rs 35,990

The AguaBot 5.0 also supports full wet mopping and dry cleaning with the world's largest smart mop measuring 350 x 210 mm and comes with a water reservoir and smart mop attachment.

Milagrow today announced a new floor cleaning robot, Milagrow Aguabot 5.0. The previous Aguabot, if you don’t know, was already India’s best selling floor cleaning robot and the new 5.0 version looks even more promising with WiFi connectivity.

Milagrow claims that the Aguabot generated its own network on which up to 3 devices can be connected up to a distance of 150 meters. The new Aguabot 5.0 also generated Anion which scientists claim that has a noticeable impact on person’s feelings such as fatigue etc. The Aguabot 5.0 generates millions of negative anions which in turn strengthens the immune system, prevent respiratory disorders, reduce stress, improve oxygen in bloodstream, improve mood, and reduce depression and anger making it the 1st Smart Healthcare Floor cleaning robot.
Milagrow Aguabot 5.0
Speaking on the launch, Debashis Das, CEO, Milagrow, said, “Milagrow, the pioneer of consumer robotics in India has always been the first in most offerings to the customer. Our deep insights of the consumer needs have helped us stay ahead of the competition. We aim to make all our robots into an IoT & healthcare device by the end of this year. When a robot moves it can do many more things apart from cleaning and we will enable our robots with increased degrees of freedom, with every new launch.”

The Aguabot 5.0 also supports full wet mopping and dry cleaning with the world’s largest smart mop measuring 350 x 210 mm and comes with a water reservoir and smart mop attachment. The bot has been designed in such a way that the smart mop will do the wet mopping only to the front while the back with dry mop simultaneously dries the floor.

Milagrow’s AguaBot as the company claims has been built on its own 5th generation robotic software and has dual suction control with the maximum suction of 45W making it the most powerful floor cleaning bot. The dual suction technology senses any dirt and automatically toggles the turbo suction, while otherwise it saves battery by running in normal mode. The AguaBot is ideal for carpets as well as it comes with brush-less cleaning mechanism. The AguaBot 5.0 is also equipped with extra thick anti-slippage tyres and state of the art automobile suspension technology. A bunch of moment sensors have also been installed for situations when the bot is stuck in a place. These sensors also make sure that the bot doesn’t misbehave and can also climb door sills up to 22mm.

With such technology and design, the AguaBot 5.0 weighs only 2.5 kgs and with increased speed it can cover about 3500 square feet in 120 minutes on a single battery charge. Coming to the battery, Milagrow has also made the battery on AguaBot 5.0 user-replaceable. Even the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter which removes up to 99.97% of all particulate matter above 0.3 microns has been made cool water washable. Apart from this, there are a ton of features such as Robotic 6th Sense, automatic obstacle and fall detection, all-surface cleaning and self-diagnosis etc.

Milagrow’s AguaBot 5.0 smart health robotic floor cleaner comes with two year warranty and sell’s at a price of Rs 35,990 on company’s official website with payments options such as COD, EMI available. The demonstration facility is available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Vadodara with online video demonstration facility is available all over all India.

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