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Microsoft eyes dual screen devices

Many of the patent applications are about dual screen devices, whereas other type of applications are more about bezel gestures.

Microsoft has applied for some touchscreen gesture patents including dual screen devices and bezel gestures, a website said. The patents were filed in February 2010.

First in the list are the off screen gestures which take place along the bezel. Some bezel gestures also display a drop down menu when the gesture is performed – something similar also happens in the ecosystem and BlackBerry PlayBook as well, so the competitors might be concerned about the Microsoft move. Then there are multi-finger gestures, which can be performed on multiple screens at the same time. Another application talks about usual pinch-to-zoom combined with multi-screen devices.

Another new gesture that Microsoft’s application talks about is multi-screen hold and tap, in which the users can interact with apps through split-screen. In real life, users may hold an icon on one screen and tap another object on second screen &#151 the result is, the first object moves to the second screen where users tapped.

At this point, we need to be clear about it: the patents have not been granted yet, these are just applications by Microsoft.

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