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Microsoft new Edge browser rolling out to all Windows users

The company has upgraded its web browser, now based on Chromium engine.

Microsoft users across the globe are getting new update this week which will upgrade their existing Edge web browser to the new and improved version. Previously, users wanting to try the Chromium-based Edge browser had to download it separately for their system. But now Microsoft feels confident enough to offer it as their standard web browser.

If you’re a Windows users then Edge browser is finally being replaced with the new Chromium-based Edge browser. The updates will be available for Windows 10 v1803 and later systems up to Windows 10 v2004. The company says it has over 1 billion devices running on Windows, and they all will be updated to the new browser in the coming weeks.

The news about Microsoft using Chromium engine few years back was a big development. The company more or less admitted that its play in the web browser market has failed to live up to its billing. Before Edge, you had the much maligned Internet Explorer which has now become part of the meme folklore. It was considered slow, lack of intuitiveness and unable to upgrade according to needs of the new-age users.

Its demise was compunded by emergence of Google Chrome, also build on the Chromium engine, there’s Firefox from Mozilla and Apple’s Safari among others. Chrome has been the undisputed leader in the segment but industry experts claim the browser is a nightmare for the machine, eating into memory and processing power of the systems. Google claims it will be offering a new update which will make Chrome’s usage on PCs lighter, but we’re yet to see the results.

As for the new Edge browser, it has been updated, revamped to cater to performance needs, but keeping privacy of the users in mind. We’ve tried out the new Edge browser for few months, and it’s fair to say that Microsoft is starting with a clean slate on this one. You can even try out the browser through its Android app now. And we’re hoping the company continues to improve the browser and making it the perfect Chrome-rival that everyone has been crying out for.

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