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Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro vs Lava Probuds 2: Who wins round 1?

Here's a comparison of the Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro and the Lava Probuds 2 to check which one is a better pick.


  • The Lava Probuds 2 come at Rs 1699
  • The Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro are priced at Rs 2499
  • The AirFunk 1 Pro has 32 hours of battery life

While both Micromax and Lava mainly specialise in smartphones, the brands have recently started competing in the earbuds segment as well. Micromax’ AirFunk 1 Pro stand in direct competition with the Lava Probuds 2. The former is priced at Rs 2,499 while the latter comes at Rs 1,699. So let’s compare both of them to figure out which one is a better pick over the other:

Design, Comfort and Call Quality

Both the AirFunk 1 Pro and the Probuds 2 don’t have a unique design. The former has a stem and follows the same design language as the Apple AirPods which has become normal now. The Probuds 2 lack the stem but again, have a design that we have seen in multiple earbuds previously.

Lava Probuds 2

During our review of the two, we feel the AirFunk 1 Pro had a better fit and were slightly more snug when they sit in your ear. The stem structure on the Micromax TWS earbuds gives it a slight advantage. This is because the mics on the stem are closer to your mouth when you speak which picks up voice more clearly.

Micromax AirFunk 1 Pro

This brings us to the Call Quality which for the same reason, is slightly better on the AirFunk 1 Pro. Another feature in favour of AirFunk 1 Pro is the inclusion of Qualcomm QCC3040 with cVc 8.0 and ENC Technology. It has quad microphones to reduce ambient noise and elevate audio clarity. The ENC and cVc technologies really do make a difference during calls.

Features, Audio Quality

The features and Audio Quality are one of the main characteristics of any TWS earbuds. The Lava Probuds 2 TWS earbuds come with an instant ‘Wake and Pair Technology’. When you open the carrying case, these earphones power on and instantly connect to your paired device for convenient usage. Users can access the voice assistant function by tapping twice on the right earbud.

The AirFunk 1 Pro come with mono and stereo support, smart touch controls, and voice assistant support including Siri and Google Assistant. It also has volume control via a touch interface which isn’t present on the Lava Probuds 2. Both of them have Google Assistant support which is nice to see. Both are also water and swear resistant. But the AirFunk 1 Pro has a better IP44 certification compared to IPX5 resistance on Lava TWS.

The AirFunk 1 Pro is equipped with 13mm dynamic drivers in each earbud. The Lava Probuds 2 come with slightly bigger 14mm drivers. Despite being equipped with bigger drivers, the Lava Probuds 2 were inferior to the AirFunk 1 Pro in terms of Audio Quality. We feel that the bass and overall audio quality was better on Micromax’ TWS earbuds. A bass lover should prefer the AirFunk 1 Pro over the Probuds 2 in our opinion.

Furthermore, the AirFunk 1 Pro have 5.2 which results in a better operating range compared to Bluetooth 5.0 on Probuds 2.

Battery Life

The battery on the AirFunk 1 Pro ensures 32 hours of playtime with the case and 170 hours of standby. It can run for 7 hours on a single charge. On the Probuds 2, you get 5+ hours of playtime on a single charge. There are 18+ hours of battery life with the case. This clearly shows us that AirFunk 1 Pro is again a better pick.

To conclude, the AirFunk 1 Pro brutally dominates this competition, be it audio quality, features, comfort or calling. The Rs 800 that you are paying extra for the Micromax TWS earbuds are worth it.

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