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Lesser known questions about iCloud

Many users already know the basics — iTunes Match, document editing, cloud syncing of apps and settings and of course the photo streams which can be accessed from any Apple device. But there are still some questions here and there, which we will solve.

The iCloud service from Apple is going to be active from October 12. While many users believe they know what the service is about, the intricacies of the concept are still mysterious for most.

Many users already know about iTunes Match, document editing, cloud syncing of apps and settings, and about the photo streams that can be accessed from any Apple device. However, while users can download their previously purchased music again, it is not clear whether they have the option to delete music files or not.

Right now they have the option to delete photos, videos, podcasts, and even apps but not music. Maybe the new iOS 5 has changed that, but we don’t know yet.

While the arrival of iCloud is all about wireless syncing, which works automatically for users, those who want to transfer their home videos will still need to sync their mobile devices with their PCs. There is no mention of videos in the iCloud documentation, which may disappoint users but seems practical from Apple’s point of view considering that videos are large files.

It is also unclear what will happen if the same document is open on two devices on iCloud and one person goes offline.

iCloud seems to be the sum of cloud version of all Google services; only the ‘search’ functionality is missing from its kitty.

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