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Jabra now brings in-car speakerphone

It can be connected with any 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously — a laptop, mobile phones, iPod, iPhone, iPad and even your Bluetooth enabled gaming consoles.

Jabra from GN Netcom today announced the launch and availability of its new, first-of-its-kind in-car speakerphone in India &#151 the Jabra

Jabra Freeway features a unique three-speaker system with full stereo, virtual surround sound (AM3D) capabilities. It can be used inside as well as outside the car for both calls and music as it can be connected with any 2 devices simultaneously &#151 a laptop, mobile phones, iPod, iPhone, iPad and even your Bluetooth enabled gaming consoles.

Jabra Freeway is voice ready. This will ensure that your conversations sound as natural as if you are standing right next to the person you are talking to. As and when the mobile operators start offering high-definition (HD) voice on their networks, it shall be able to deliver rich, crisp and clear HD voice with just a simple software upgrade while other Bluetooth products would require hardware changes to achieve the same.

According to Ann Goh, regional sales manager, GN Netcom, mobile products business in South East Asia, “Jabra Freeway is one of the best in-car speakerphones that Jabra has launched till date. Integrated with advanced yet easy to use features, we position Jabra Freeway not only for the pro-consumers but also for affluent car owners who are looking for an in-car speakerphone replacement. Jabra Freeway also helps us achieve a socially benevolent objective as well &#151 promoting responsible and accident-free driving. Not to forget the respite from the taxing and uncomfortable traffic police penalties that it offers.”

With Jabra Freeway, users are empowered to make, answer, end, redial, call back, ignore and reject a call besides start pairing, ask for battery status, start and control music player etc., all via their voice. They just have to say the right function-related word like “Call Dad”, “Answer”,
“Ignore” etc, to enjoy complete hands free communication.

Users get to hear the name of the caller through Jabra Freeway (for example, “Mom Cell”, “David’s Office” etc.), exactly how they have stored the name in their phone.
If the caller’s number is not stored in the phone, Jabra Freeway shall read out the phone number. Jabra Freeway says “Connected” as and when it pairs with the mobile phone. In fact, it even tells you the FM radio and guides you through to the set-up or the pairing process. It says “Low Battery” when it needs to be charged.

It can connect to your FM radio allowing you to listen to your music and take calls wirelessly with the audio coming from your car stereo. Jabra Freeway can also play music, podcasts and audio from applications by itself or send it to your radio with wireless streaming. It can even show the ID of the caller on the car radio display if the radio supports

Its Noise Blackout Extreme technology enables advanced background noise cancellation using DSP (digital signal processing) for clearest and loudest in-car call sound in mono ever experienced. It identifies source of sound and enhances voice by filtering out the road and background noise, turning a noisy car turns into a quiet office. In addition, the dual microphones enhance the experience further.

It has an automatic or intelligent power on and off feature
which saves battery. The built-in motion sensor switches it on as and when you enter the car, one does not have to touch it to turn it on or off. If your phone (or phones) is paired and within range it will tell you that it is connected. And when you leave the car, it will automatically power down after 5 minutes.

Shaking the Jabra Freeway a little will also turn it on if
the on/off slider is in the on position. It has 14 hours of and up to 40 days of standby time.

It features night driving mode where you can disable the battery indicators as the bright lights emanating out of them can be distracting.

The speakerphone is priced at Rs 7,499 and has one year warranty.

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