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It’s possible: touchscreens for visually challenged!

Physical controls have been important for users who are visually challenged or do not have extremely good hand eye coordination, but a new technology will make touchscreens for such people.

Touchscreens have been full of potential for most people other than those who are visually challenged. Now, this is set to change with the arrival of new technologies from Senseg and from Tactus Technology.

These companies are researching programmable friction and their efforts are producing results. The concept makes use of tactile pixels, also called Tixels, which create an electrical field that helps users to feel buttons and even Braille letters.

The technologies developed by Senseg and Tactus Technology are different because the former creates an electrical field to give users a sense of texture; whereas the later uses fluid between the layers of the touchscreen. The fluid is then pushed by several tiny valves at the same time.

Physical buttons have always been rated over touchscreen flat keys as far as typing is concerned. If users can avail physical buttons with the convenience of touchscreens, they can get the best of both worlds.

These physical controls are more important for those users who are visually challenged or who do not have good hand eye coordination. Users will also be able to control their phones with this technology even if it is in their pockets.

The possibilities are limitless: just imagine a scenario when instead of an alert tone, somebody pokes your body through the touchscreen in your pocket.

The technology, however, is not available as of now as it is still at the research stage.

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