Instagram rolls out new ‘Show Activity Status’ feature to some users

By: Rohan Pal, The Mobile Indian, New Delhi Last updated : January 19, 2018 1:16 pm

The feature is similar to what we have seen in WhatsApp and Messenger.

Facebook-owned Instagram has reportedly rolled out a new feature that allows users to check when a user was active last time. The feature is similar to what we have seen in WhatsApp and Messenger and it should be rolled out to the masses pretty soon.


According to report by The Verge, users will now be able to see other users’ last seen. Through this feature, users can see the activity status of people you follow directly from the direct message section. The report highlights that your followers will not be able to see when you were last active on Instagram, though people you follow or those to whom you have sent a direct message will be able to know the last active status.



However, one can also disable this option as well. All you need to do is going to Settings menu then scroll to ‘Show Activity Status’ in the menu and turn the toggle switch to off. This will disable the feature entirely, though you will not be able to see the activity status of other users as well.


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Instagram was earlier reported to be working on a new feature that will allow users to post Stories directly to WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging app is now running a test to let users post their Stories directly to WhatsApp in the form of WhatsApp Status.


Through this feature, users will get an option to tap to share to WhatsApp from Instagram sharing and they have to press “send” in WhatsApp to post the story. The move will surely benefit` both Instagram and WhatsApp as will make it easier for users to share on a cross-platform. This will also help both the platforms to boost traffic.

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