India among top 7 countries at high ransomware risk: Report

By: The Mobile Indian network, New Delhi Last updated : November 06, 2017 3:39 pm

The spreading of ransomware on Android is taking off due to an easy way for cybercriminals to make money.

India is among the top seven countries for Ransomware circulation, according to Sophos 2018 Malware forecast. This year there has been an increase in cyber attacks on Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS globally.


The report was published on Thursday, by SophosLabs, a global network and endpoint security leader. It reviews the Ransomware activities of 2017, including the  WannaCry, Petya and, most recently, Bad Rabbit and predicted what might happen in 2018.


"Ransomware has become platform-agnostic. Ransomware mostly targets Windows computers, but this year, SophosLabs saw an increased amount of crypto attacks on different devices and operating systems used by our customers worldwide," said Dorka Palotay, SophosLabs Security Researcher.



The further report mentioned about Ransomware activities, which took place Between April 1 and October 3, 17 percent of all ransomware recorded to circulate in the US, followed by 11 percent Great Britain and 8.6 percent Belgium.


WannaCry Ransomware was found in May 2017 which was spreading rapidly due to its worm-like characteristics. It was accounted for 45.3 percent of all ransomware tracked through SophosLabs, with Cerber accounting for 44.2 percent.


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Later in June Notpetya was discovered and it was distributed through a Ukrainian accounting software package, limiting its geographic impact. This was followed by Cerber and Locky which were very much similar to the WannaCry and Petya. It was spreading through emails that contain common subject lines and an attachment.


Further, Android ransomware is also attracting cybercriminals. And the reason which is believed, the spreading of ransomware on Android is taking off due to an easy way for cybercriminals to make money instead of stealing contacts and SMS, popping ups ads or bank phishing which requires sophisticated hacking techniques.

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