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Huawei’s own mobile OS on the cards as storm brews

If made a reality, Huawei’s OS would power its future line of devices and not disrupt Android and iOS share in the global market.

With ZTE speculated to lose its Android license, it remains to be known whether Chinese companies have a plan B of their own and Huawei seems to be quite ahead of that.

According to a report from China, Huawei appears to be working on its own mobile operating system in case some issues spark up against the authorities in the US. The US government recently declared ZTE and Huawei threats to its national security due to which Huawei wants to save its OS in worst case scenarios. Sources say that Huawei hasn’t released it yet due to the fact that it’s not as polished in terms of features and security like that of Android.

No such plans have been clarified by the company itself nor has the same been denied. While it might sound insane to build a new platform altogether, it doesn’t come as a surprise since some companies have their OS as a backup like Samsung does partially with their Tizen based phones and Windows still have its Windows Mobile OS as a failsafe in case the situation arises.

Huawei already has its own OS for its personal computers and tablets and thus it only seems feasible that Huawei has saved its OS as a failsafe. With Google’s core services not accessible in China anyway, this could be a breakthrough for Huawei’s OS and if that happens it remains to be seen how many third-party apps it manages to attract.

Either way, it wouldn’t be easy for Huawei to ditch Android in one go as it would take a while till it makes the firmware that gets to be as stable as Android it. And when that happens, the Chinese firm would need more than just a year to be able to sell it through their smartphones.

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