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HTC promises to unlock bootloader at the cost of warranty

Developers and enthusiasts will be provided a web tool for the process of unlocking bootloader. For that, full or partial warranty of the HTC branded device needs to be sacrificed.

After facing heat from the developers and enthusiasts over the unlocked bootloader issue, HTC has now promised to bring a web-based tool that provides unlocking key but will void the warranty of the device.

Users will have to accept all the legal disclaimers stating that bootloader unlocking will void all or parts of the device’s warranty. Future HTC handsets will continue shipping with locked bootloader albeit with support for unlocking via the web tool.

Many would be wondering what is a bootloader and why so much hoopla about it. Bootloader is a specific encrypted code that initiates the sequence of loading the operating system on the device, in this case mobile phones. It is the first code that runs immediately once the device powers up from the non-volatile memory of the system board.

Locking down the bootloader is a security measure taken by the manufactures to ensure that users don’t run non-signed custom operating systems that have not been tested exhaustively and may end up damaging a part or whole device in due course of time.

Back in May, HTC announced to review the issue about unlocking bootloaders after getting complaints from developers as well as enthusiasts. Last month, HTC announced that software updates for unlocking bootloaders will be rolled out for latest devices that include HTC Sensation, Sensation and HTC EVO 3D.

Now HTC is promising a Web Tool that will require developers and enthusiasts to provide with a valid email address and also accept bunch of legal disclaimers. By presenting those legal disclaimers, HTC basically reminds the specific developer, enthusiast or user that entire or part of the device warranty will be void after bootloader is unlocked.

Users need to install the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) on their computers and then connect their device to retrieve a device-specific token key. That unique token key needs to be entered in the web tool and in return a unique unlock key will be sent to the respective user via previously registered email. Finally, the bootloader can be unlocked by applying that particular key on the device.

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