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How Windows Phone 7 can get ahead in the game

Integration with other Microsoft systems and services will ensure a complete Windows Phone 7 experience for end users.

Windows Phone 7, the smartphone operating system of Microsoft, is something most users are not that familiar with as they are comfortable in a world dominated by iOS, and BlackBerry.

There are, however, benefits of buying the product of Microsoft in terms of its support for Windows Live, Office and Outlook. Windows Phone syncs more easily with PCs than other operating systems do.

With the integration of Xbox Live, WP7 is also appealing to hard core gamers. Users can send messages to their Xbox Live friends. They can change their avatars, and check scores or even what they have accomplished in the games. Users can also download Xbox Live games from Zune (the Microsoft equivalent of iTunes,) and play them on the move. Even Doodle Jump and Angry Birds are expected to be available on Windows Phone 7.

There are scores of apps available in the Zune Marketplace along with other content such as music.

Other features of Windows Phone 7 that would attract users are multi tasking, copy paste and custom ringtones. It is also a great looking and robust system.

However, not many people have actually seen a real Windows Phone 7 device. It cannot be expected that users will begin to like a product even before they have actually seen it. That’s precisely the point where the Microsoft Nokia deal comes into the picture, as Nokia has the reach and Microsoft has the software. Nobody knows the future but prospects look good for both the companies.

Also, the 1 GHz Snapdragon of Windows Phones does not perform well compared to other smartphone processors.

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