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Google updates its iPhone search app

The user interface has been improved, and just a horizontal swipe brings image search or any other search type.

The design of iPhone search from Google has been updated.

Now named as Google Search app, earlier called as Google Mobile app, it is faster and has an improved user interface.

The moment a search term is typed into the search box, users see a menu of categories in which they can choose which search results they wish to see &#151 images, videos or news. A horizontal swipe opens the category search results.

This is a nice little addition for the users who would like to sort through the search results instead of hitting the small links on the top of the screen.

The app also provides the facility to return to the main search results screen, just to keep track of what, in the first place, you were doing with the Google Search app.

It also provides the users with Google Goggles (image search), Voice Search and they can also look for stuff around the place they are in.

Google apps also remain easily accessible through a button on the bottom of the screen. Whenever the users feel confused, they can always hit the question mark and all the gestures would be explained by the app. Overall, the improvement is substantive and intuitive.

Last but not the least, wherever the search box appears, the voice button is also located there. You can safely leave the keyboard, touch microphone sign and speak into the microphone. Google has improved its voice search capability, which means results from the voice search accurate most of the time.

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