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Google releases Verify Apps update to monitor Android applications

Google is pulling socks to tighten the security layer for the apps through a future update of "Verify Apps" function which will continuously monitor the apps.

Google is adding yet another security layer to the mobile platform through a Google Play services update. With this universal Google Play services update, Google will enable continuous monitoring of the apps on an Android mobile operating system running devices. Computerworld reported about Google’s plans to constantly monitor the problematic app on-device and add another security layer for the Android apps.

Google aims to keep the side-loading option for the Android devices. Often the side-loading apps procured from non-reliable sources exposes the smartphone to malicious codes. Google started to offer security against malicious codes bearing apps though “Verify Apps” feature in the Android phones and also through its own security testing while processing the submitted app.
Google releases Verify Apps update
With the “Verify Apps” feature, Google requires you to choose that option if you are installing an file of the app procured from the Internet or third party app store. The Verify Apps feature checks the apk file for any malicious code before it installs. However, the same third party app can be used to spread malicious code via different message such as an update or in-app update/purchase.

Google aims to minimise the risks of using non-reliable apps by improving the “Verify Apps” function. In a future update for Google Play services, the “Verify Apps” feature will check the app installations for bad code and also continuously run in the background to check possible threat through any of the apps.

Instead of one time scan and check, the Verify Apps will continuously scan and monitor the changes in the apps that exist on the Android devices. Constant check on the apps will also prevent any suspicious activities of the apps and will keep the user’s device secure. However, this does raise a concern that the constant checking for malware might affect the battery life of the devices eventually. But that is a very small price to pay against assurance for security.

So watch up for the Google Play services update in near future while Google continues to take actions in order to make the Android ecosystem more secure.

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