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Google releases Stack app, a new document scanner

Google has released a new app called Stack that can scan and categorise the documents for you

Google is launching a new app called ‘Stack’ that can scan your documents. The app is developed by Google’s Area 120 team, an in-house incubator that develops experimental projects. The app is available now for Android in the U.S., while there’s no news if it’ll come to iOS or other countries.

As per Google, the app utilizes the artificial intelligence created by its DocAI team to make Stack a reality. “We found that by applying DocAI’s enterprise technology to personal documents, we could help people get organized,” Google said in a blog post.

The thing which Stack does differently from other traditional scanner apps is that it can automatically name documents for you, and suggest the right category. It allows users to take a photo of a document — a receipt, bill, ID, paycheck, etc, and quickly scan it and save it to the appropriate category.

Stack app

Stack also uses Google’s advanced security and sign-in technology to protect your documents. For extra protection on your phone, you can require a scan of your face or fingerprint every time you unlock the app. Stack can also automatically save a copy of your documents to Google Drive. That way, should you ever decide to stop using Stack, your documents will be accessible in Drive and easy to export.

Stack is currently in the experimental phase right now, which means the app isn’t perfect to use and Google admits that its algorithms still get things wrong. Google will try to improve the algorithm of the app as it progresses and after that, the app might make its way to more regions.

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