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Google Pixel 2 XL reportedly facing slow charging issue

The Pixel 2 XL is not charging up to its full potential of 18W.

It’s just been few days since the launch of the latest Google Pixel devices and it seems that they are already marred by different issues from screen burn-in to random crashes with Android Auto. Now, some new analysis shows that Google Pixel 2 XL comes with a slow charging issue.

According to a user Nathan K., the Pixel 2 XL is not charging up to its full potential of 18W. The user also shared the graph for the same, which shows that the smartphone starts charging around 15W and then it quickly slides down to just 10W within a few minutes. The phone then maintains this level for around 50 minutes.

He further added that Google and LG are trying to avoid strain on the battery in order to maintain maximize longevity. “Rather than opting for performance, they are being extremely conservative with the charging current and temperature,” he added.

Previously, some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners reported that they are having issues with the Android Auto and poor quality audio while recording videos. Most of the Pixel 2 devices users have reported random Android Auto crashes. Multiple users say that they have experienced it while using the Google Play Music and Google Maps, due to which users have to reconnect their devices after the crash.

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The Google Pixel 2 XL users also reported that their units are having burn-in issues with the new P-OLED display and other devices are making clicking and high pitch frequency sounds. Screen burn-in happens when a ghost image from the previous application can be seen or the image of the home screen is visible in the background after launching an application.

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