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Google Might Skip the Regular Pixel 5 for the XL Variant

The company also skipped the XL variant of 4a and it looks like it's Pixel 5's turn

A small fanbase of users was disappointed when Google decided to skip the Pixel 4a’s XL variant and it looks like they’re in for more disappointment as Google might not release Pixel 5, only the XL variant. The news came in after leaks confirmed the presence of Snapdragon 765G in the Pixel 5.

Now, the reason we believe for Google skipping the non-XL variant could be due to the presence of Pixel 4a. If we try to put things from Google’s perspective, the presence of Pixel 5 would impact the Pixel 4a sales. Since the Pixel 4a is a pretty compact value for money offering, launching a compact Pixel yet again doesn’t make a lot of sense.

If this happens, Google can solely focus on the XL variant and deliver a better user experience by offering great hardware. Aside from the Snapdragon 765G, there are rumors that the phone might sport a 6.67-inch panel from BOE or Samsung, capped at 120Hz refresh rate. The phone will have at least 8GB and could cost $699, $100 cheaper than the Pixel 4XL.

It is pretty evident that Google is trying different things to find the “Sweet spot”. If done right, the Pixel 5XL could prove to be an amazing offering.

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