Google Meet to get Zoom like features

By: The Mobile Indian network, Kolkata Last updated : April 24, 2020 10:32 am

Google Meet is a great alternative to Zoom but still is a few features behind and Google is trying to make up for it.

With the rise in people working from home, videoconferencing apps have seen a surge in demand and popularity. The most popular videoconferencing that many institutions are employing is Zoom. However, with the platform recently being discovered to have a slew of security flaws, companies and educational institutions are looking for an alternative. Google Meet (previously known as Google Hangout Meet) surfaces to be a great option. It is secure, flexible and has a 100-participant limit just like Zoom. However, it is still a few features behind Zoom. Google is trying to make up that gap by introducing new features like it today.





Often your meeting lighting environment might not be great which may sometimes lead to a dark video. To tackle this, Google has introduced a low light mode where using Artificial Intelligence, your videos will be brightened up. This feature will first make its way to a mobile then to the web users in future.


Tiled Layout


The tiled layout on Zoom is very useful as it gives you a greater perspective of everyone videoconferencing by showing them in a ‘titled’ format across the screen. Google Meet’s we users can now have a titled display of up to 16 participants. Google has promised to bring additional layouts for larger meetings and better presentation layouts, as well as support for more devices in the future.


Chrome tabs


Google Meets will now allow users to present a single Chrome tab. This means that you can now share higher quality video content from these tabs.


Noise cancellation


Google Meet will soon come with Noise Cancellation support in order to reduce ambient background noise in our home.


All these features will roll out in the coming weeks and will initially be available to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education users on the web, with mobile support coming later.





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