Google Home app to get 'ok google' sensitive adjustment

By: Ayush Mahapatra, The Mobile Indian, Kolkata Last updated : April 23, 2020 4:35 pm

The Google Home smart speakers will soon have the option of having their "Hey Google" sensitivity adjusted from the Google Home app.

Smart home assistance has changed our lives for the best. With smart home speakers, home automation now is a breeze. With a single command, you can control anything from your lights to your conditioning without lifting a speaker. Google’s Google Home series of smart home speaker is very popular with the Google Assistant as the built-in smart assistant. These speakers are great but have a glaring issue that can sometimes be pesky.


These speakers are known to be invoked by sounds that are similar to the “Hey Google” or “Okay Google” hot word. This can either be due to the TV or you just simply talking. The other issue is the polar opposite of the first one. You have to practically yell the hot word in order to get the speaker’s attention and sometimes even that fails. Google is aware of this issue and so is releasing a software update to the Google Home app where you can adjust the “Hey Google” sensitivity for your smart speaker.



The update now gives the option of “Hey Google Sensitivity” under device settings. Within that, you have the option to adjust the sensitivity between ‘Least Sensitive’ to ‘Most sensitive’ using a slider. This changes how sensitive your device is to the “Hey Google” hot word. If your device is often triggered by a false alarm, try reducing the sensitivity. On the other hand, if your device responds to you only when you yell “Hey Google” or does not respond at all, try increasing the sensitivity. It should be noted that only the person with the primary account can make these changes. The update is gradually rolling out so it might be a while before it makes it to your device.


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