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Google Gemini Side Panel In Workspace Apps, Email Summaries Feature In Gmail Rolling Out Now

Google has announced the rollout of Gemini-powered side panel along with the Email summaries feature in Gmail.

Google announced a bunch of Gemini backed updates for its Workspace apps back in May at its I/O 2024 annual conference. Some of those have now begun rolling out to the public, including the Gemini-powered side panel in Google’s Workspace apps. In addition, Google Gemini in Gmail is now also being made available to power the Email summaries feature on web and the Gmail app. Here are all the details.

As announced on the Google Workspace blog, Gemini in the side panel of Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive is now available for eligible accounts. Through the side panel, Gemini can assist you with summarising, analysing, and generating content by accessing the content gathered from your emails, documents, and more, without switching applications or tabs.

Google says that the updated interface automatically summarises the content you’re working on and provides contextually relevant prompts to help you get started. The side panel will use Google’s most capable models including the Gemini 1.5 Pro model with a longer context window and more advanced reasoning, allowing you to fully utilise the power and capabilities of Gemini directly from your most used Google Workspace apps.

The new side panel with Gemini integration is available for Google Workspace customers with:

  • Gemini Business and Enterprise add-on
  • Gemini Education and Education Premium add-on
  • Google One Premium account

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Email Summaries Powered By Gemini In Gmail

In addition to the Gemini-powered side panel, Gmail is also getting the “Summarise this email” button which is also backed up by Google’s AI model. Built to leverage Google’s most capable models, including the Gemini 1.5 Pro model, you can now use Gemini in Gmail on web to: 

  • Summarize an email thread 
  • Suggest responses to an email thread 
  • Get help drafting an email 
  • Ask questions and find specific information from emails within your inbox or from your Google Drive files 

You can also use Google Gemini in the Gmail mobile on and to analyse email threads and see a summarised view with the key highlights, just as you can with the side panel on the web. Gemini in Gmail also connects to other Workspace apps which means you can tell Gemini to fetch your data from an app like Sheets to input that data in one of your Email replies you want to make via Gmail. The company confirmed that additional mobile features like Contextual Smart Reply and Gmail Q&A are coming soon.

Availability of this feature remains the same as the Gemini-powered side panel in Workspace apps.

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