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Google gaining from Apple’s growth

There are a huge number of iOS devices in the market, and they send a proportionate volume of traffic to Google services.

The iPhone’s growth is benefitting Android, the president of Google Asia Pacific, Daniel Alegre recently said, contradicting the popular perception that and platforms are in fierce battle.

“Whenever iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds. I actually don’t look at it as iPhone versus Android. iPhone is a very strong driver of query growth for Google. We also monetize apps through the iPhone. We actually benefit from iPhone’s growth,” Alegre was quoted by AdNews as saying.

Alegre added, “We truly believe there have to be as few platforms as possible in order for apps developers to focus their development.”

According to him, Android operating system is seeing 300,000 activations per day.

Alegre’s statement makes sense as Google apps are being used more on iOS devices though they do not come preloaded on them.

On the other hand, Apple doesn’t benefit in the same way and may end up getting Google’s rivals, including Bing from Microsoft, on its platform.

Apple has also bought Poly9, a mapping company, indicating its desire to counter Google’s products.

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