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Google brings new photo social networking: Photovine

With Photovine, users can actually let their photographs do the talking for them with instant sharing a featuring.

Google seems to be on a roll for social media overhaul – earlier with the Facebook killer Google+ and now a simple rival to almost all photo sharing websites with the Photovine.

In the past, we had heard quite a few rumors about Google working on a social network specifically based on photographs and now with the unveiling of the Photovine all becomes very clear.

The working of the new social networking service is simple but unique. Photovine works on the principle of vines that comprise of pictures added to any given topic by single or multiple users through their mobile phones. All that is required here by this service is a couple of pictures, which the users can use to create vines or can also add to the existing vines.

These vines are visible to other users as well who can also add pictures to the existing vines if they feel like or they can create a new vine all together.

Privacy has been taken care of in this as users can choose to make their photo vines visible to others or not. As per the teaser released by Google, the Photovine follows a Twitter like system in which the people who have subscribed to a users’ Photovine gets instant update as and when a photo is uploaded on it.

As of now, the Photovine service is under wraps but with a plan to roll out the service soon, invitation requests of users are being accepted at the Photovine website. Users can visit the Photovine website here and register for an invite, sooner the better as the invites will be taken care of on first come first serve basis as expected.

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