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Google Bard Brings Image Generation Through Gemini Pro: All Details

Google has announced the image generation feature for Google Bard along with expansion of Gemini Pro in more languages.

Google Bard is constantly being updated since its debut and now, Google is giving it new capabilities via its Gemini Pro AI model, such as image generation. Bard can now generate images based on the user’s prompt. Furthermore, Gemini Pro in Bard is now being expanded to more languages and more countries as well.

Last December, Google brought Gemini Pro into Bard in English, giving Bard more advanced understanding, reasoning, summarizing and coding abilities. Now, Gemini Pro in Bard will be available in over 40 languages and more than 230 countries and territories, thereby making the advanced Bard capabilities more accessible. In addition, Google is also expanding its double-check feature to more than 40 launguages so users can verify Bard’s claims in the language that suits them the most.

Image Generation with Google Bard

Users can now generate images in Bard in English in most countries around the world, at no cost. This new capability is powered by Google’s updated Imagen 2 model, which, according to the brand, is “designed to balance quality and speed, delivering high-quality, photorealistic outputs”. Users will have to type in a description — like “create an image of a dog riding a surfboard” — and Bard will generate custom, wide-ranging visuals.

In addition, Bard uses SynthID to embed digitally identifiable watermarks into the pixels of generated images so there’s a clear distinction between visuals created with Bard and original human artwork. “Additionally, we apply filters designed to avoid the generation of images of named people. We’ll continue investing in new techniques to improve the safety and privacy protections of our models”, said Google.

Then, the most powerful version, Gemini Ultra, has now been confirmed to power Google Bard Advanced. It will be available via a paid subscription model and will likely be aimed at enterprises. Google made the announcement during its Q4 2023 earnings call but did not share any information on the pricing details or a specific launch date.

In related news, it was leaked that Google might be planning to rebrand Assistant with Bard as Gemini, once the feature officially launches on devices. Google could also completely rebrand Bard to Gemini in future.

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